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rian on I see you..
great catch! :)

Rupesh on Rural beauty
‘’ Very beautiful ! A superb composition….!! ‘’ Not a rural beauty but areal ...

Rupesh on I see you..
great macro shot....!!!

Rajiv on I see you..
Great work !!!

Hemant on I see you..
I think, u can use it for passport applicatio. Jokes apart - Amazing work - no words dear - u r great

Varun Baveja on I see you..
Excellent colors, great picture sirji :)

jay on I see you..
Terrific Shot

Richard on I see you..
What a amazing portrait!

Mariana M. on I see you..
super !

Sof on I see you..

ideapad on I see you..
Wow!!! Nice focus!

Sumit on I see you..
"What are you looking at... " beautiful pic...

amar on I see you..
Zakas, sapacha photu gondas alay...colors tar layach bhari...

Curly on I see you..
Wow, great focus!

DallarD on I see you..
Très belle macro, le serpent à l'air étonné............beau regard

Stefan on I see you..

PRASHANT on I see you..

Sowmya on The concrete jungle...
Awesome pic

PRASHANT on पहिला पाऊस - The First Rain

Siepi on Drops of joy!!
Positive look on rain ... Nicely captured subject.

guillaume on पहिला पाऊस - The First Rain
Love your macro !!

DowsherVision on पहिला पाऊस - The First Rain
Superb picture, this is very well done indeed !

Naveen Bachwani on The concrete jungle...
Neat concept. Great title. Fantastic execution!

Naveen Bachwani on Born in water
What a beauty!

Naveen Bachwani on Tiny legs...
Nice. I love the soft light! A sense of scale would've added a lot of meaning...

Dexter Chee on You talkin' to me?
The fish and the BG matching...well done!

Katalog Stron on Black or White
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Séb. C. on Black or White
Excellent !!!

Ernest on Black or White
Very attractive and eye catching portriat.

piet on Black or White
impressive BW portrait ... great use of ambient light

PRASHANT on The death of evil

PRASHANT on Black or White

JCJ on Black or White
great portrait, a good study of light jc

Richard on Black or White
Superb portrait!! 5* from me!!

ocorti on Black or White

Shahryar on Black or White
Excellent ,very well done :)

Adrian on Black or White
beautiful photograph.*****

Franz on Black or White
wonderful lateral portrait, with striking use of light!

Sandya C V on Born in water
Beautiful, thank u :)

Rahul Save on Black or White
Beautiful photo... nice focusing and use of light

mahour on You talkin' to me?
It resembles a mermaid! good job!

PRASHANT on Tiny legs...
Beautiful..Great light.

Séb. C. on Tiny legs...
Jolie photo, très poétique !

mirela on Tiny legs...
perfect shot!

Satvik on Born in water
Excellent capture ! Love the lighting and the details.

PRASHANT on Born in water

Jojigirl on Born in water

Sandra on Born in water
Wunderful, magical, just perfect. I'm kind of jealous for this one :-)

Garfield on Born in water
Gorgeous against the black background

Susanne on Born in water
Love it!!!!!!!!

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